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The gospel is simple.  But sometimes God's Word can be hard to understand because of its language, the cultures it was written from, and because God's ways are so very different than ours.  Have no fear!  We've included some visuals that should make some of the Bible's greatest scriptures and truth come alive with clarity and help aid in memorization skills.

If you have a testimony that you'd like to share, you can submit one here or email us at


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It's part of God's design that Christians testify-- to share the Gospel, to build each other up, to support each other, and to strengthen the entire Body of Christ collectively.  Because of that, we've included some testimonies for your reading pleasure.

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Your Bible should be a close friend of yours.  And we have a few ways to strengthen that friendship-- by understanding it more through our Bible Dictionary; by spending more time with it with our Bible in a Year schedule; and getting to know it better through our Did You Know? section full of interesting facts.


Sometimes all we need is a boost.  But where do you begin?  What does God ask of you?  Look in here for weekly tasks from scripture for you to act out today.  Never underestimate obedience and putting faith into ACTION.

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