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Your Walk


Your Bible should be a close friend of yours.  And we have a few ways to strengthen that friendship-- by understanding it more through our Bible Dictionary; by spending more time with it with our Bible in a Year schedule; and getting to know it better through our Did You Know? section full of interesting facts.


Have you just read something and wasn't quite sure what a word meant?  Don't be bashful and mistakenly pass over it or pretend you know.  Check it's meaning here!  Or you can browse the database of biblical terminology.

  • Christ coming back?
    We intentionally do not know. If we knew when He was coming, it would take the sincerity out of how we live our lives and our devotion to Christ. We are alwaus to expect it, so we aren't caught off guard when He does come. When He comes, He wants to find us doing well, so that we can go to be with Him.


One of the major keys to going higher and deeper in your relationship with God is knowing His Word.  But you can't know and love it until you READ it!  We have provided a great schedule for reading the entire Bible in just one year!  And it only takes about 30 minutes a day...definitely worth the time.


This week's
"Did You Know...?"

A raven was the first animal to emerge from the ark.

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