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Your Walk

In addition to God's Word (Bible), God's House (church), and God's people (your pastor, your family, etc.), we want to be a source of increasing your faith, your knowledge, and your devotion during your walk with Christ.  We are frequently adding helpful resources at your disposal, from fun visuals to charts and timelines to a Bible Dictionary.

The Big Questions

One of the great mysteries of following Christ is that the more you learn, often times, the more you realize how infinite His wisdom is and how little we truly know.  But there are some answers that God reveals to us in His Word and we wish to compile some of the most frequently asked questions for you.  We still encourage you to continue to seek God's truth in prayer and in Scripture.


Want more spiritual help on and off screen?  There are many resources that we want to share with you.  Youth of all ages can benefit from our lesson ideas, fun activities, helpful websites and products.  Looking for something else?  Let us know and we'll do our best to provide you with more. 

Check out our Resources

Jr. Counselor Training

Are you in high school?  Are you a member of Uth4Christ?  If yes, then you are eligible to sign up for a Jr. Counselor.  In order to participate at camp and within your church community as Jr. Counselor, you'll need to successfully go through our training.  This includes competition of 12 important lessons that host profitable text, scripture, questions to ponder on, graphics, quizzes, and challenges.  Once one lesson is complete, signed, submitted, and approved, you will be able to move onto the next lesson.

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