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Message Board

This is an open-discussion forum for topics such as "Uth Weekly Walk", "Sharing Sunday", an advice column, and more.  Please remember that all conversation must be polite, wholesome, and on-topic.  All posts are monitored to ensure this venue continues to provide comfort, help, and points viewers to Christ.

Prayer Requests

Do you know someone who is sick and needs healing?  Are you struggling in school?  Are you worried about something going on at home?  No matter what you face in life, you can always go to God.  And now, you can send in a prayer request to us, so we can lift you or someone you know up in prayer together.


We've got lots to share with you:  Photos from throughout the years from various events, video compilations, newsletters, and so much more.  You even have the opportunity to submit some of your own photos from Uth4Christ or NFCOG events.  We'd love your point of view!

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