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Jr. Counselor Training

Are you in high school?  Are you a member of Uth4Christ?  If yes, then you are eligible to sign up for a Jr. Counselor.  In order to participate at camp and within your church community as Jr. Counselor, you'll need to successfully go through our online training.  


This includes competition of 12 important lessons that host profitable text, scripture, questions to ponder on, graphics, quizzes, and challenges.  Once one lesson is completed, submitted, and approved, you will be able to move onto the next lesson.


The lessons are as follows:

Lesson 1:  Leadership Assessment What Kind of Leader Are You?

Lesson 2: Your Spirituality

Lesson 3: Your Viewpoint: How Are You Going Into This?

Lesson 4: Cultural Diversity

Lesson 5: How to Communicate

Lesson 6: How to Lead

Lesson 7: How to Counsel

Lesson 8: How to Manage

Lesson 9: How to Serve

Lesson 10: Your Experience

Lesson 11: Your Growth

Lesson 12: The Time is Here: Are You Ready? (Evaluation)

Want to particpate?  

All you have to do is click here to fill out this simple form to get started.  We'll be in touch.  We could use someone like you today!


At the end of successful training, you will then be a part of a graduation ceremony.  This graduation allows you to: 

  • Be a Jr. Counselor at a local level, helping your youth leader in various activities throughout the year.

  • Become a leader within a U4C Committee (such as Writers, Performers, Designers, Outreach, Events, etc. or even one you may come up with).

  • Be a Jr. Counselor at our annual Summer Camp in Jacksonville, Florida every year during the Holy Convocation.

  • Receive an incredible learning experience in leading that will assist you in whatever ministry you decide to become a part of in the future.

  • Boost your volunteer and resume' for college and job applications.

More opportunities arise everyday.


View a few samples from a some of our lessons.

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JCT_Spirit (1).png
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