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How well do you know God's Word?  Test your knowledge here.  Members can receive badges for completion!

Just click on the type of puzzle you wish to do and the level.  You'll be able to download and print each puzzle.  If you want to receive credit, take a picture and email them to us!

Image by Bannon Morrissy

Across and down, this type of puzzle is a classic...and yet, challenging!

Image by Sven Brandsma

Match the symbol with the letter to reveal a message.  Can you decipher the code?

Two Pens

Some information is missing and you'll need to figure out what!

Image by Herbert Goetsch

Let's see you figure out what matches up with what in these puzzles.

Green Silicone Whisk

These words are all scrambled up!  Help solve the puzzle by writing the correct word.


Hidden in these puzzles are special words.  Can you find them?

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