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Summer Camp 2019


We had the privilege this year to host our day camp at the beautiful facilities of Calvary Chapel. We had a large pavilion to host most of our activities and lots of room for outdoor fun.

This year's theme was "#blessed" where campers learned what it really means to be blessed with a focus on the Beatitudes. In the times of social media, emojis, and when being "blessed" is loosely thrown around, we encourage our youth to be more like Christ, blessed according to God, and seek the Holy Spirit for help, not technology.

Some activities included Bible Lessons, a drama skit based off the Beatitudes, a Photo Scavenger Hunt, Emoji Pictionary, Service Projects, games, crafts, and more!


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Summer Camp Stats


July 2019


Calvary Chapel Church of God in Jacksonville, FL


Counselors: Gail, Lisa, Audwin, Landzaat, Shoneen, TJ, Robin, BriAunna | Campers: Heaven, Janiya, Zion, Alexandria, Dearia, Aaliyah, Ayaniah, Anthony, Andreah, Andreau, Kenneth, Jacelyn, Jadyn, Ivan, Sheryl, Alicia, Aalyiah, Will, Rayvin, Aniya, Krystina, Rose, Daniel, William, Samyra, Donovan

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