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Summer Camp 2018

"GO with God"

Because where we were hosting our annual Holy Convocation and the lack of camp facilities, this year we took camp on the road and had camp excursions throughout Jacksonville.

Fittingly, our theme was, "GO with God", sharing with our youth, that God is bigger than a building...when He's in us, we take Him wherever we go.

Our days started out with a daily theme and an assembly. Then we traveled together on a church bus to an indoor trampoline park; the pool; to the movies; a bowling alley; family entertainment center with go-kart, mini golf, and laser tag; nature center; and the Museum of Science and History.


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Summer Camp Stats


July 2018


Jacksonville, FL


Counselors: Sarah, Gail, Lisa, Audwin, Landzaat, Shoneen, TJ, Dereka, Jazmine | Campers: Heaven, Alexandria, Dearia, Aaliyah, Ayaniah, Anthony, Andreah, Andreau, Jacelyn, Jadyn, Ivan, Sheryl, Rayvin, Shamar, Eriana, Jayla, Rose, Donovan, William, Samyra, Chantrel

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