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Summer Camp 2014

"Uth Sleuth: God's Special Agent"

The camp theme was "Uth Sleuth: God's Special Agent" unfolding the great mystery of God's Word using clues, evidence, and witnesses. Each day came with its own mission.

Some of our special activities included fingerprinting, daily secret missions, Bible Lessons, Obstacle Course, Jesus Scavenger Hunt, Movie Night, games, camp out, a talent show, and much more!


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Summer Camp Stats


August 2014


NAS Jax in Jacksonville, FL


Counselors: Sarah, Gail, Lisa, Ivan, Audwin, Landzaat | Campers: Aaliyah, Ayaniah, Jacelyn, Jadyn, Sheryl, Aayliah, Myia, DJ, Shamar, Jaden, Shayla, Eriana, Danni, Malakai

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