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Summer Camp 2013

"The Lord's Lighthouse"

This was the first of a series of camps hosted on a navy base in Jacksonville. We stayed in cabins and had access to wonderful facilities throughout our stay.

The camp theme was "The Lord's Lighthouse", learning that with the light that God places in us, we are to draw others to Him, bringing them safely ashore.

Some of our special activities included a tour of the planes, a flight simulation, nature activities, Christian Carnival, camp fire, pool time, as well as, our assemblies and small group times.


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Summer Camp Stats


August 2013


NAS Jax in Jacksonville, FL


Counselors: Sarah, Gail, Lisa, Ivan, Audwin, Landzaat | Campers: Aaliyah, Ayaniah, Jacelyn, Jadyn, Sheryl, Aayliah, Myia, Will, Rayvin, Semaj, Mia, Malakai

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