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Summer Camp 2012

"Sow & Grow"

After having a year off due to the NFCOG cruise, our older members were aging out of camp and we had a number of younger members a bit too young for overnight camp. Thus, our first Day Camp was born!

Appropriately, our theme was "Sow & Grow". We taught our campers that we must sow the seed of Christ into fertile ground; Tend to it with the Word, church, and community; Looking to the "Son/sun"; And produce fruit with our day to day actions.

Some of our special activities included: Decorated pots and planted seeds, gave a garden to the church, had a "water" day, ate picnic lunches, made beautiful crafts,  focused on the Parable of the Sower with lessons, put on a play, snacks, games and activities, had a puppet show, sang songs, and more!


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August 6 - 10, 2012


St. Joseph Holiness Church in Atlantic, VA


Counselors: Sarah, Gail, Lisa, Daniel, Tolbert, Kendrick, LaTonya | Campers: Aaliyah, Anthony, Ayaniah, Ashaante', Jacelyn, Jadyn, Sheryl, Sinniah, Lasean, Davaghn, Ayva, Aayliah, Myia, Will, Rayvin, Semaj, Lamark, Jayden, Jayla, Jayden, Janeia, Kaylah, Kalen, Dynasty, Devon, Dynasia, Amyia

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