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Summer Camp 2009

The Big White House

This was one of the few years where all the campers were gathered in one dorm-like home.

A favorite memory is when we got rained out. It was towards the end of our carnival and the sun had already begun to set. Then BOOM! The heavens opened up! We grabbed as much as we could and ran back to the house. Once we all got safely inside the patio, completely drenched, we all laughed loudly and began to sing, "The windows of heaven are open...". Our silly singing turning into praise while we all gathered on one accord.

Some special activities included: Survivor/Treasure Island themed activities, Fishing Derby, Slip n Slide, Talent Show, Trust Games, Christian Carnival, Salvation Skit, Epic Kickball Game, Tie Dying, Making of the Official U4C Banner, and so much more!


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July 31 - August 4, 2009


Mt. Bethel Recreation Center in King George, VA


Counselors: Sarah, Gail, Lisa, Gerard, Daniel, Robin, Dominic | Campers: Kabria, Malik, Stephen, Alisha, Alishia, Audwin, Tierra, Sharonda, Kamecia, Tatiana, DJ, Jasmine, Jeremiah, Joshua, Derrick, Tre, Chris

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