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Summer Camp 2008

Our First Year

This was Uth4Christ's first summer camp as envisioned by Apostle Grant.

Counselors and campers got to retreat at the beautiful Marywood, right on the St. John's River. Each group had its own motel-like cabin and would gather inside our own activity room. Marywood also had a very special Chapel onsite where we had our Sunday Service.

Bishop Grant (then Minister Grant) gave the message on Sunday, his first in a NFCOG setting.

Activities included Music, Drama, Dance, Sports, and Art. Campers participated in several games and activities throughout, a trip to Adventure Island, and had plenty of time to learn more about God.


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Summer Camp Stats


August 2008


Marywood in Jacksonville, FL


Counselors: Sarah, Gail, Dereka, Ivan, Lisa, Gerard, Dominic | Campers: Devante, Robin, Tatiana, Daekwon, Demante, Shakira, Taje'Ona, Joshua, Derrick

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