One way to build yourself up spiritually is to immerse yourself in activities that you'd normally do...but with a spiritual significance.  Here are some for your enjoyment--so dive in.

Ages 0-3

Small hands and small feet do not equal small hearts and small contributions.  Here are some activities for your little ones to set them on a path towards God.

Ages 4-6

You're in school now.  Let's expand your spiritual-knowledge too with some great activities!

Ages 7-12

Full of exciting new adventures everyday, this age group can really benefit from a boost in their spiritual lives.

Ages 13-18

Teenagers.  With big triumphs and tough trials, a spiritual foundation is crucial.  These activities can help!

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Blog-like devotionals that are geared toward today's youth.  These devotionals are filled with simple, biblically-sound truths to encourage, strengthen, and edify you throughout your day.

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NFCOG and Uth4Christ have so much to offer, specifically for you.  Whatever you are in need of today, we've handpicked some media resources available to you now.

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